At home exercise tips- Things to keep in mind, some tips while exercising

At home exercise tips– If you make these mistakes during the workout, then the stomach will not reduce, then all these things have to be kept in mind that working out is not enough! The workout should be done in the right way whether it is a banding workout or any type of workout.

The point to be noted in all of them is which muscles are the targeted muscles. You also have to pay attention to which muscles you are working out. First of all, whether the body should be worked out or not, what should be eaten during the workout or what should be eaten after the workout, all these things should be taken care of!

exercise mistakes –At home exercise tips

(1) Following the same workout

Many people do the same workout every day whether it is bicycle crunch or crunch top, leg raises, Yogasana! They keep doing the same workout, so those who do the same workout are tiring! There is fatigue in doing the same workout or if you do weight lifting, then you get tired! So do not make such mistakes, include different exercises in your routine!

(2) Focusing only on cardio exercises

Many focus only on cardio and focus on only one workout in cardio exercise! Like running can easily lose 10 kg in the beginning! Because the water comes out of the body first in reducing, then people feel that 10 kg weight has been lost! It is not that there is not only running in cardio but there are many! Like jumping jog, or burpee exercise, or normal walking, jogging, focus on these too!

(3) ignore pre-workout diet

The mistake in this is that pre-workout, many people start working out as soon as they wake up in the morning! So this is the biggest mistake that those people do not use pre-workout meals!

That’s why they get tired quickly if they use low-calorie foods or good carbohydrates or good protein. And if you eat all these things during pre-workout, you will remain energized!

So that you will be able to do more and more workouts, the balance has to be done that what you are eating should be of calories so that the body does not get more calories and fat is not stored more! Get more energy so that maximum weight can be lost! So pre-workout mills must be taken!

(4) Putting a lot of pressure on your body

Many people keep weight on their body and think that they will get slim after going to the gym by doing weight training and will be fit! But it is not so, whenever you do weight training, pushups, lift dumbbells, keep in mind that workouts are also important!

Weight loss will not happen just by lifting weights because there are some muscles that only need workouts! And some need cardio, so do not tire your body because putting weight on the body starts feeling tired! Change workouts from time to time and don’t focus on lifting too much weight. -( At home exercise tips )

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(5) Breathing technique

This means it is important to focus on when to breathe in and when to exhale. Whether it is the home workout, or outdoor, or yoga asana! Or do different exercises, then it is important to focus on when to breathe and when to exhale! Because when you exhale properly, it does not take time to reduce the weight, that is why the breathing technique should be taken care of.

(6) Ignore warmup

Many people start working out directly, when there is no warmup, the body will not warm up! If more workouts are not possible, then focus has to be kept on how much you warm up!

It is very important to warm up in the beginning, the warm-up for at least 10 minutes! For the warm-up, you can use jogging, walking, jumping, you can also use a little high knee. Warm-up will bring flexibility to the bones and strengthen the muscles.

(7) Drink after a workout

Many people use soda drinks, many use such beverages which have high calories! Many people think that there are energizing drinks and use energizing drinks after working out! They contain preservatives, many have added sugar which increases the weight, so drink only water during workout it will be better

(8) Not having enough sleep

Do not sleep at night with proper time and do not take sleep for 8 to 9 hours! If they do this, then especially the youngster who is there, they stay awake for a long time at night. And then sleep for only 5 to 6 hours, due to less sleep, more hormones called cartilage stress is made in the body. As long as this hormone remains in the body in excess quantity, the body will not be able to develop the muscles completely. That is why fix the time of sleeping at night and waking up in the morning.

(9) Not going Gym regularly

Do not go to the gym regularly, to achieve any goal, it is necessary to work daily. When there is no exercise by going to the regular gym, then the body will not feel any need! That is why you must go to the gym for as many days as you have made for the gym!

(10) Not having proper from

When our form is not correct while exercising, then the muscle part which we are exercising, the target muscles are not fully active there, due to this the effect of that exercise is not able to be done. That is why exercise should be done in proper form only.

(11) Not lifting heavyweight – At home exercise tips

In the gym, many youngsters keep doing 15 to 20 rafts by taking a light dumbbell, by doing this the body will never grow! For the body to grow, it has to be given many regions, when lifting heavy weights, it puts a load on the muscles. They feel the need to increase their muscles!

(12) Changing workout too often –At home exercise tips

Every workout takes some time to give results if you change the workout very quickly! So it will not be known whether the workout routine is working or not, that’s why do every workout routine for one and a half to two months!

(13) Overtraining –  ( At home exercise tips )

Many people also do heavy lifting exercises well but they do not take enough rest! That’s why always after exercising for two to three days, take a day’s rest!

(14) Not eating enough -( At home exercise tips )

To increase muscle cells, our body always needs to be in a calorie overload condition. And it has also been found that people do not consume the same protein. If food or protein is good, then the body will not be able to develop the muscles fit. That is why the diet should also be very good to increase muscle cells. At home exercise tips

Note: – This is a very important mistake, if you pay full attention to them, then the muscles will be good and fit!

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