Benefits of chandra bhedana pranayama

Benefits of Chandra bhedana pranayama and the right way to do Chandra bhedana

Meaning of Chandra bhedana:– It is made up of two words Chandra and Bhedana happen! The left nostril represents the moon, our left nostril which is also called the moon Nadi. It activates the cool element of the body, that is why all the people who have the problem of heat in their body pacify the fire element of the body. Continue Read-  Benefits of Chandra bhedana pranayama

The right nostril is called Surya Nadi and that yoga is also called Pingala Nadi in people whose body heat is very high. And if they need cold, then they should do Chandra Bhedana Pranayama. It means when both the elements are equal then diseases are less.
For example, some people get a sore throat in the morning, the nose is closed, as soon as it rains a little, the throat starts getting worse in the same way. How active is it that when all these elements are in balance in the body, then there is less disease in the body!

What are the benefits of moon piercing

First of all, this pranayama keeps the body cool down, relaxes the body, that’s why this pranayama is very good for people who have high blood pressure problems. For people who have chest pain, heart bone problems, people who have acidity acid reflex problems, moon piercing is good for them. If there is a fever or the body is hot, then Chandra Bhedana Pranayama should be done. Due to this the body remains cool and the heat of the body comes out, it relaxes our nervous system. That is why there are neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy patients, they must do Chandra Bhedana Pranayama.

It calms our mind if we are feeling dizzy or weak due to heat in summer. So moon-piercing pranayama cools down your body. Apart from this, it works as a panacea for heart patients. If sour belching comes then this pranayama should be done and makes the digestive system strong.

Who should not do moon piercing

People who have phlegm problems, people who have bad throat, tonsil problems or have bronchitis, asthma, or any other disease related to respiration, then those people should not do this pranayama.
By doing this pranayama, BP is reduced and those people who already have low BP should not do this pranayama. Law BP patients should not do this Pranayama.

The correct way to do Chandra bhedana Pranayama

To do Chandra Bhedan Pranayama, first of all, sit on the ground in Sukhasan, Vrajasana, or Padsan. Keep both hands on the knees and make Vishnu mudra with the right hand.

To make Vishnu mudra, keep the thumb straight and connect the index finger and middle finger. The remaining two fingers, the ring finger or little finger will remain straight, after that place the thumb on the right nostril and take a long deep breath through the left nostril. After inhaling, close the left nostril and hold the breath for a while, then remove the hand from the right nostril and exhale. Repeat this process 10 to 15 times.

another way -(Benefits of Chandra bhedana pranayama)

It can be done anywhere in a comfortable position by sitting comfortably. But the neck and waist should be straight so that the body can get space. To pierce the moon, you have to make a chin or a mudra of knowledge, or you can make a wind or Vishnu mudra.

Do whatever posture you like, in this pranayama, you have to inhale the breath from the left nostril i.e. Chandra Nadi. And it has to be done outside from the second nostril, that is, from the right nostril, then whatever breath you take in the left nostril and exhale only and only from the right nostril if you have breathed in for 4 counts, then exhale for 8 counts! That is, to let out as much breath as possible! By which the toxins of the body come out!

Third method -(Benefits of Chandra bhedana pranayama)

In this, you have to apply Kumbhak by breathing in it and inhale it for 4 counts. And the breath has to be exhaled slowly for 8 counts! Close it from the left and take it out till 8, in the beginning, do 5 times without kumbhak! Then the second time has to be done with a rounding of 5 and in the third time, the count has to be increased. First start with 4 then make it 8, it depends on how long you can hold your breath!

The right time to do moon piercing

If you are doing it in the morning then it is a very good thing, otherwise do it in the evening. As far as many people have to know that, what can be done by running AC! As far as try not to do any pranayama by running AC! Get up in the morning and do it outside, there will be no heat, along the benefits of pranayama will also be available!

Things to keep in mind while doing Pranayama

Keep in mind the ratio of inhaling and exhaling in the beginning, that is if you are breathing for 30 seconds! So the breath has to be released for 30 seconds! Do Chandra Bhedana Pranayama under the supervision of a yoga expert. – Thanks for Read- Benefits of Chandra bhedana pranayama

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