Half marathon training plan- Step by Step

Half marathon training plan

Half marathons that athletes are doing after 21 years, do not do before 21 years! The best performance comes only after 21 years because when we do half marathon for 21 years most of the 80% runs on indoor ness! That is why our maturity and indolence should be good for a marathon!

Because this is what the Scientific also says, that you should go to the marathon after 21 years, in the Half Marathon, we will tell you the 7-day running marathon!

Half marathon training plan- Day one

On this day the first thing to do is to warm up for 15 to 20 minutes and then to strike normal 4-5 because when the stretching and warm-up are good then the chances of injury are reduced! When you do it on the first day, it should be 15 kilometers. Do 4 kilometers to 4: 10 minutes! After this, you do a recovery run and then you will exercise. This morning session is over on your first day!

Evening session

In the evening session, the running of 6 km which will be presented in 5 minutes to 5:10 minutes will be 10 to 15 seconds of recovery running! And exercise normal stretching will have to do the same on the first day!

Half marathon training plan- next day

On this day, it is necessary to do a little stunt for this, you can also do hills training! Hills means if you have a bridge of four hundred and 500 meters, then you have to run 40 minutes continuously in it! When you go up, you will go fast and when you come down, you will come very slowly, in this way you have to do 40 minutes continuously! And 10 to 15 minutes of recovery will be running, then you have to leave!

Evening session

There should also be some strength in the evening time. So for this, ABC will do exercise in the evening. Running with this exercise improves! And strength also comes, for this, we will do half an hour of ABC exercise! Do this exercise twice! With this, the evening’s workout is over!

Half marathon training plan- Third day

Running 18 to 20 kilometers on this day, whose country will be kilometers from 4:20 seconds to 4:30 minutes! The whole will be 18 to 20 kilometers, do not fast in it, only the pace has to be judged! And if you walk with it, then as soon as you do, your money will increase! It is important that you maintain your profession, if you do this, then you will be able to do the best running, after this, 10 to 15 meters recovery will be running!

Half marathon training plan- Fourth day

On this day, 15 × 200 meters, which will present 200 meters in 32 to 33 seconds! And most of the recovery will be from 90 seconds to 2 minutes! This is how the fourth day’s running will end! In the evening, you can stretch the whole body, in this you have to do core exercises! This exercise has to be done from 35 to 40 seconds two times! Complete six to eight times! With this exercise, your muscle strength increases, and with this, we will end this day!

Half marathon training plan- Fifth day

8 to 10 kilometers have to be spent on this day! Whose time should be kilometers from 3:10 to 3:15 minutes! Recovery has to be done in 1 kilometer which should be between 90 seconds to 2 minutes! In the evening, we will be running an easy 5 km, which will be a kilometer at 5:30 minutes! After that do some cooling exercises and a little stretching!

Half marathon training plan- Sixth day

On this day, 22 kilometers have to be run, in this, kilometers will run at 4:30 minutes! But it has 22 kilometers to cover! After this, there will be 10 to 15 kilometers of recovery and stretching exercises. And keep drinking water in between because water is very important!

There will be full rest in the evening and on the second day, there will be full rest! But in the evening you will have to warm up, then you have to run 4 to 5 kilometers and you will have to run at a distance of kilometers at 5:00 minutes! Along with this, you can do back and forth! Just like you feel comfortable in the same way, if your body is set then you can increase the speed a little!

The right way to breathe while running

It is good to run with your mouth open! Because when we keep the mouth closed, the breath comes through the nose and when the breath comes through the nose, the pressure is high! It has been seen many times that if you breathe in the mouth with a closed mouth, then blood comes and dizziness also starts, so you should run with your mouth open! Do not shut your mouth and run your mouth!

Most people believe that when you keep running silently, you can run longer! But this does not happen, running silently does not provide oxygen!

If you run at high speed, then death is also caused by silencing! Therefore, do not run with your mouth closed and it is scientific and if you run with your mouth open, then you will be able to give the best performance!

The right way to run

Actually, running is a science in the way that if the technique is good in cricket, batsmen can play long innings without any problems! In the same way, running correctly can make you run longer! Due to which your stamina will also increase and the longer the stamina is, the longer you can run!

  •  While running, our head should be at the very front side, if the head remains down or upwards, then the neck muscles can get stretched!
  • The moment of the hands is a big contributor to the running if the hands are in the right position! So due to the right technique, your speed will increase a lot! While running, keep your hands at a 90-degree angle to the shoulder and while you are running, note that there is not much distance between your ribs and elbows when the hands are moving back and forth.

Keep the hands in such a moment that while running the right hand towards the left hand, the fist of your two palms keeps coming away from the elbow. This will give you movement and speed will increase!

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  •  Feet landing can be considered the most important aspect! Most people have a question about running, whether the feet are landing on the ground while landing, or on the heels, people often touch the first hill from the ground while running! And then their claws come to the ground, here is completely different!

Because of the first touch of the heel on the ground, all the weight of the body through the ankles will come to the knees If we keep running like this for a long time, then there may be a knee problem!

This can happen when landing on the claw. That is why it should be tried that your feet land directly on the ground! Due to this, there will be equal pressure on all parts of the body! And there will be no problem with this, you should avoid running on the cement road!

  • You can drink some water a little before running! But you do not have to drink much water. If you drink too much water, you may have a stomach ache while running! With this, drink plenty of water throughout the day, because a lot of water in the body comes out in the form of sweat while running!

Measures to increase running stamina

Keep continuity if you want to increase speed stamina, then you must run at least 5 days a week! Because of this, all the muscles of the body will be active, do a little stretching before running daily so that all the muscles of the body become active before running!

  • 1. Every day some extras run for the first 10 days, but as soon as your body opens up, you should increase the running time a little! If you run 10 minutes in the beginning! So you should try, increasing it every day with 1 or 2 minutes, it will definitely increase your stamina!
  • 2. Walking also increases stamina Most people keep walking at the same speed! But this does not give many benefits to the body! If you want to increase stamina in the body, then increase the speed with each round If you follow this method every day, then Stemina will definitely increase!
  • 3. Running for 7 days a week is not good! The body must give time to recover! Running for 5 days will be good for the body, while running, your whole body workout is done! And to recover the muscles, you need to eat good health! That is why eat nutritious food so that the body benefits!
  • 4. You will not be able to get the desired result until you come out of your comfort zone! From normal running, run for some 1000 meters fast and run until the breath reaches down! The more you push yourself, the better results will come! Apart from this, you have to be restrained!

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