How to increase running stamina for all sports, runners

How to increase running stamina

Every year lakhs of students prepare for the army, whose main part is running, boys run long runs every day! But even after that, there are no clearings! Because someone’s stamina is not right, then some people do not have the speed, so if you want to increase stamina, then you will tell how to increase speed and stamina!

Stamina and Speed ​​depend on two things!

1. What is eating like diet, what is a thing!
2. How to practice training!

For diet running

Running daily does not create strength, just practice is made, strength will be born only if you are taking that much diet! Your body needs it! Many people include a 2-4 ban and a glass of milk in the diet! Which is not right

Protein will make the muscles of the feet strong and the muscles that break due to ranching daily will be repaired! Carbohydrates will get energy. If you are running, then there should be 3 restrictions in the diet for carbohydrates, four restrictions daily!

Proteins for running stamina

The diet should also include eggs, chicken, soy milk, cheese, peanuts, and moong for protein!

The right diet for running

For a long-running person, there will be 6 eggs, two glasses of milk, 40 grams of peanuts, and 150 grams of chicken diet a day! Then it will become stronger, if anything is less than that, then work will be done on it too.

But if you cannot include all this then add peanuts, rajma, and moong to your food! Apart from this, water is also very important, if there is a lack of water in the body, then the stamina and speed will never increase and then there will be a possibility of cramp in the legs, that is why drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily!

Stamina and Speed ​​Training

If both of these are to be increased, then special training will have to be done for this to be done by normal practice.

Interval training to increase running stamina

If you are starting training this way for the first time! So you know that you have to prepare your body and mind for a hard interval! Run at high speed for 1 minute and then run for 2 minutes lightly! Repeat Interval 6 to 8 times and train within a few weeks!

After this, reduce the recovery time, usually cut the recovery time by 30 seconds! Bring your rest and running time to a 1: 1 ratio! That is, in a 1-kilometer minute, in 1 minute fast running, then after 1-minute rest!

Have a cool-down period of 15 to 20 minutes at the end of the training! Get on light jogging from running and then cool yourself down by walking!

Pyramid Interval Training for Running Stamina

Pyramid interval training is designed in such a way that your intensive training is in the middle of the entire workout, starting lightly at first! Then slowly go to high-intensity running and then the way in which you increased your intensity! Cooling down likewise, warm-up for 10 to 5 minutes in the beginning! First, start with light and then go jogging! After that, by the time the warm-up is over, grab a little speed! Run fast for 30 seconds and after that do 2 minutes of light running!

  • After this do 1 minute running
  • Then such a big 45 seconds ahead 1 minute slow!
  • 60 seconds fast 1:30 minutes slow
  • 40 seconds fast 2 minutes slow
  • 45 seconds stage then 1:30 minutes slow
  • 50 seconds fast 1 minute slowly, in the last 1 minute of which walk comfortably! Remember one thing, to start interval training when the body is ready for it! Doing too much and doing too quickly can be a chance of getting muscle! Move slowly in it!

Special training to increase running stamina and speed

It is based on the third technical game such as hockey, tennis, football! It has to run suddenly, it has to burn energy!
Warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes and run at full speed for 2 minutes and then do 2 minutes of jogging!

Run at a speed of 30 seconds and then jog for 45 seconds. If you run long at high intensity, then his rest period will also belong!
At the beginning of this training, keep the rest period longer and gradually reduce it. Rest means in running, that you do light running jogging or walking!
If you follow it even at 80%, then believe your stamina and your speed will increase!

But it is necessary to have a good diet to follow, the diet should have maximum carbs and protein! Also, there should be no shortage of water in the body, training and practicing in the right way! You can divide it according to the time, 2 months of initial training and after that 2 months, 10 pyramid interval training and special training for 2 months!

What to eat before and after running

People who go for a run in the morning! They know how much strength and energy is required to run! Running burns calories but it also exhausts the whole body! Running is as important as eating the right foods and eating the right foods!

What to eat before running

If you run in the morning, you have to wake up one hour before running! Drink two to three glasses of water after getting up, this causes the body to work quickly! And the slowness also ends. After that, after getting fresh, then for 15 minutes before going out for running, milk, Lemon water, or coconut water or milk. Drink shake

For this, you have to start running after 15 minutes! While running, neither run very fast nor stop, increase the speed slowly! Then do stretching, it relaxes the muscles.

What to eat after running

After running 50 to 60 grams of the soaked gram, they have to chew it like this! This is a kind of tonic to be done daily, which makes the body energetic!

Boiled egg whites

If you eat eggs, you will know that eggs are the cheapest and best source of protein! A large amount of protein is found in the white part of the egg! Which is very important for the recovery of the body, its yellow part is high in cholesterol!

If you eat one egg a day, then there will be no harm! But if you eat more than one, then the yellow part should be taken out and eaten! Five eggs can be eaten after running, but keep in mind that the yellow part is to be removed!

Banana intake

Bananas are found in plenty of carbohydrates! Which is a very important diet for running every day! It gives instant energy, so bananas should be eaten before running and after running!

Taking it with milk will give double benefit! It is used both 15 minutes before running and after running time. This protein acts like medicine for running! That is why use banana during running!

Fructus Salad

After the run, fruit salad means all kinds of fruits such as apples, bananas, papaya, grapes, oranges, or whatever! Mix it and eat it as a salad! Fibers and anti-oxidants are found in high amounts in them! Which is very important for the running person, as well as protecting the body from many other diseases!

Running Stamina

Must eat badam to increase running stamina! Almonds contain good amounts of vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids! This fatty acid gives energy to our body and does not allow fat to accumulate in the body! Eating almonds every day strengthens bones and makes the heart work better! That is why eat soaked badam and eat it!

Beet juice increases running stamina

Beet juice is rich in fiber, vitamin C! That is why beet juice should be drunk every day! This will not lead to fatigue soon and this juice is very beneficial for daily running! Drink a glass of beetroot juice 40 minutes before running!

Brown rice

Brown rice must be eaten to increase running and stamina! Because brown rice has high fiber and carbohydrate content! Which gives energy!

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