How to keep kidney health

How to keep kidney health

One of the main systems of the body is the kidney. The size of the kidney in an adult ranges from 4 to 5 inches.

What does the kidney do?

Which is the biggest function of the kidney.
It is the removal of the bad material of the surface substance from our blood. The kidney works to clean our blood in a manner in the form of urine from the body. For which there are millions of filters present in the kidneys which are called nephrons. Whatever blood is made in our body passes through the kidneys. And whatever remains, it becomes urine in the form of liquid. And it gets out of the body and in this urine, the best materials like uric acid and urea also get out. Apart from filtering the blood, the kidney performs other important functions.

Such as – balancing PH, balancing electrolytes, maintaining body temperature, controlling blood pressure, or producing vitamin D, which strengthens bones, apart from producing RBCs, homeostasis is a task. . Which controls the kidney, means maintaining the physical and mental balance of the body.

Kidney failure symptoms

First of all, sodium comes in heels and feet, it is due to sodium rations. There is a lot of complaint of muscle camping i.e. muscle cramps. This is due to electrolyte imbalance. Swelling under the eyes occurs when protein in the urine starts coming in too much quantity.

The urine comes out very foamy, high fever comes when you sleep at night, then urine comes again and again. This happens when there is an infection, the skin becomes itchy and dry, it happens when the balance of electrolytes and minerals in the body is not good. It makes kidney stones if these are all symptoms then there is any problem related to the kidney.

Importance of exercise to kidney health

Kidneys depend on many things, if they do exercise or exercise, they use many things. It increases the level of antioxidants which increases the blood circulation of the kidney. Reduces much extra fat, exercise has good effects on the body and keeps kidney health. The blood supply must be good to keep the filter healthy. The muscles must be strong for the kidneys to work.

When you do not do any kind of physical work, then fat starts accumulating on the muscles. By doing yoga, the blood supply remains good, the muscle spherons remain good. And when the kidney works well then all the fungi will work well.





Some such yogas that keep kidney health

Baddhakon posture

First of all, sit in Sukhasana, after that the soles of the feet have to be joined together. And keep them in front of each other and hold the claws with both hands and make a little move and lower the knees. The chest has to be kept straight and then by counting till 5, relax has to be done 3 times in the same manner.

Paschimotasana keep kidney health

For this, first of all, you have to sit in Kandasana and keep the fingers of your feet towards you. And hold the toes of the feet with the fingers of the hands, then the back has to be straightened a little. And then breathe in and out, then while exhaling the breath has to go down. It has to be done three times and wait for 5 to 10 seconds, initially do 5 seconds then do 10.

Janusirasana beneficial for kidney

It is started from Baddhasana itself by folding one leg in it. And while folding, keep in mind that the leg is not to be kept straight down. The claw part has to be kept pressed, after that the toes have to be pressed with your hands. After this, the toes have to be pulled towards you with your hands.

Then slowly touch the knee, this process has to be done three times with the left foot and three times with the right foot. Keep taking long deep breaths and the weight of both the parts should be equal.

Prevent kidney infection

In Nokasana, you will sit with your knees slightly bent, after which you will take a deep breath. After this, the right leg will be brought upwards. And when you feel comfortable, you will bring both legs up in the air, hold it a little and then come back to the normal position.


Lie down in this posture and then touch the heel with the middle finger. Keep the gap between the two knees as wide as the shoulders are, slowly raise the back. The hips have to be raised while taking the shoulders in. To hold it, make fists of your hands and put them down. Or you have to keep your hands on the waist and keep it deep stretched, this has to be done three times.

Home remedies for kidney health

The detoxifier found in coriander leaves cleanses the kidneys. And protect from kidney-related diseases.
Take coriander leaves, cumin, and 2 or 3 lemons, boil it in a glass of water for 5 minutes. It will clean the kidney as well as remove the stomach-related problem, it has to be used only once a day on an empty stomach.

It has to be used only once in 15 days and along with cleaning the kidney, it will also save from kidney stones. For this, take out the hair of the corn and boil it in two glasses of water. After that put two lemons in it, this will clean the kidney and stomach well.

After boiling it, filter it and take it twice a day, in the morning and evening empty stomach like tea. Repeat it only once in 10 to 15 days, this remedy will save you from kidney-related diseases in the coming days, along with it keep in mind that the amount of water has to be increased.

Lifestyle changes for kidney health

For kidney health, drink more water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The law is to eat something with salt, it should be low in the fat diet. Do not take more dairy products, many people take more salt and sugar. Consume more calories, which affects the kidneys more. Do not take protein powder extra, you can take grape juice or lemon juice. When there is any problem related to the kidney, then do not eat things with rich potassium such as banana or orange juice.

Doctor’s advice

First of all, if there is sugar or blood pressure, then eat its medicines regularly, keep it under control and show it to the doctor.
Do not do any exercise by yourself, do it under the supervision of a yoga teacher. How to keep kidney health

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