How to stop hair fall, The best treatment ever

How to stop hair fall

The hair falls a lot, remains very dry, and breaks because it is because of our hair roots! It is one of the most fragile parts of our body, there is some kind of change or deficiency in our body! So the first effect is on the roots of our hair! Drying of hair roots causes hair fall and when hair starts falling out!

So upset and depressed also, hair loss has become a very common thing in today’s time! Getting hairy, itching in hair is causing all this trouble! That is why hair falls, for some reason or other, and if you are tired of doing everything and your hair is falling out! So, in that case, you have to be serious! So the first thing to know is what is causing hair fall!

Causes of hair fall

Any disease with fever such as typhoid, malaria, dengue, etc.
Anemia, anemia, thyroid hormone deficiency, or any fungal or bacterial infection in the head or sudden weight loss due to dieting have started your hair loss!

Or use a new shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hair dye, or hair gel! If there are any of these reasons, then you will also have to treat them together!
According to the researches, there are 2 big reasons for hair loss and drying!

(1) Lack of poshtik diet in our body due to which there is lack of blood and weakness in the body and hair loss starts!

(2) The use of various shampoos, conditioners, and hair dyes on hair causes hair loss!

How to stop hair fall

If your hair suddenly starts falling out! So you should first take iron and multivitamin pills daily! It should be eaten for at least 3 months, you can take it from your doctor’s consultation!

If you drink a quarter teaspoon of ground lentil sugar in warm milk before going to bed every night So it would be very beneficial to keep in mind that there is no adulteration in cinnamon! Drinking cinnamon milk every night reduces hair loss, along it also makes your skin healthy! Reduces blood sugar and reduces joint pain too!

The number of green vegetables and fruits will have to be increased in the food!
If you take a multivitamin tablet after breakfast every morning! Then there will be more good benefits, due to which there is a deficiency of vitamin iron and minerals in the body! It will be fulfilled and will also hunger well!

Which will gradually reduce or stop hair loss! Wash the head three times a week with a good shampoo and keep the hair clean! Use conditioner and hair dye sparingly! If the hair is very dry then apply coconut oil to the hair at night and wash your head with shampoo in the morning!

When the head is washed, squeeze one lemon in 1 liter of cold water and wash it thoroughly with water. Then wipe, doing this will brighten the hair and the hair will remain healthy!

Onion oil — How to stop hair fall

This oil is an essential oil extracted from the red onion peel! Isabelle oil is a very strong oil extracted from trees, fruits, and flowers, etc. Like tea tree oil, long oil, lavender oil, and onion oil all come in a number of essential oil!

Applying them in small amounts for this hair is beneficial! But it is so powerful, that applying it directly to the skin or hair causes irritation and allergies! That is why the essential oil should always be applied to the hair after mixing it with other oils.

Properties of onion oil

Onion oil has a high amount of sulfur due to this it is a good antibacterial and antifungal agent! This oil prevents scalp dandruff, lice, and boils! Protects hair from getting dry and two-toed hair! Increases blood flow to the scalp skin, which strengthens hair roots! New hair grows quickly and brings loose hair quickly!

Many people extract the juice of onion directly and apply it to the head. But there is some problem with that, every time it has to be made fresh and applied, the smell of onion is very strong! Even after shampooing does not go, applying onion juice directly increases the allergy, infection!

That is why before applying onion oil to your hair, do test it with a drop of oil and apply it on your hands and let it stay overnight. If there is no redness, burning, or swelling in the morning, you can use onion oil!

Amla coconut oil prevents hair loss

Cut 1-liter coconut oil and half a kilo of fresh gooseberry in it, and remove the kernels from it! The rest of the gooseberry is cut into small pieces, and cooked in that oil, cook it on low heat! And when fully cooked, then filter it normally and fill it in the vial! And when you apply oil, apply this oil so that the damaged hair will start to heal slowly.

Fenugreek seeds reduce hair loss

Three to four spoons of fenugreek seeds have to be taken, followed by two glasses of water! Then he has to boil it well until it changes its color and then boils it. Then filter it and separate it from the water; fenugreek seeds are very beneficial for the hair.

Small grains of fenugreek contain vitamin A, K, C, and poshtik elements like iron, calcium, and folic acid! Fenugreek has properties that are very beneficial for good hair growth and to cure bad hair!

Fenugreek seeds strengthen your hair along with dandruff exhaling! Mix one teaspoon of glycerin in fenugreek water and mix it well, it gives shine to the hair!

Greaslene is very beneficial for dry hair, making hair shiny silky, and smooth! Wash hair with fenugreek water after shampooing! After that leave the hair like this for 5 minutes and then wash the hair with normal water! This is the way to do this remedy!

Grind the fenugreek seeds and add curd to it and add a little water and make a fine paste. Then apply it to the hair, this results in faster hair growth! And the hair will be very strong which will stop hair fall!

Give gourd and gooseberry juice strength

Drinking amla juice in bottle gourd juice reduces hair loss! Take amla in some way or other, it strengthens the hair!

Curry leaves paste prevent hair loss

Grind two handfuls of curry leave with a little water to prevent hair loss. Then apply this paste on your hair for 45 minutes and keep this paste on! And then wash it with water, it has to be applied daily for one and a half months, it will stop hair breakage completely!

Shampoo for hair — How to stop hair fall

Shikakai, Amla, and Ritha should all be two hundred grams! The work of the recipe is to make foam in the shampoo! First make powder of these three, put 3 liters of water in a big pot and put all three powders in it and keep it to boil!

Then mix 200 grams of flaxseed powder in it and continue to boil and mix it in between. And when it becomes gel-like, fill it in a little hot bottle and store it in the fridge! This shampoo is ready for two to three months, apply this shampoo to the hair like the rest of the shampoo and massage it well! Wash with normal water!

How to stop hair fall

Note: – There are lots of shampoos and medicines available in the market! With the help of which you can make your hair long thick and thick, but eating it also has side effects! We definitely see it later, which causes the baldness of our hair to become white or stains on our face!

Whose food is not beneficial for us! But if the hair is naturally black dense then it is very good! Due to this, there is no side effect on our skin on health or any part of the body, rather we get the benefit!

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