Quick weight loss diet plan, Follow step by step

Quick weight loss diet plan

This diet has a diet plan of 1 week, it is a diet plan from morning to evening! It is very easy to take care of this, you have to take proper time with the proper time, do workouts, sleep at least 7 to 8 hours! Also, drink lots of water and some things that you have to do in your life forever! Which will keep you fit as well as keep your weight maintained!

Your hair will not fall from this diet plan, your face will not show aging! Because it happens in many diet plans which cut a lot of things from their diet. So the hair starts falling and the skin fades!

Morning Drinks – (Quick weight loss diet plan)

Out of these drinks, you can also have a drink after 7 days of change! Or you can take a bean drink. First comes the normal water, which you can easily get up in the morning and drink two to three glasses! Drink as much as you can!

(2) Lemon warm water

This water is a great fat burn drink! If you want to Reduce Valley Fat then you include Lemon Water at all!

(3) ACV warm water

This is also the best way and not only for weight loss, but it also has a lot of health benefits!

(4) Methi seeds water

Soak fenugreek seed water at night while you sleep. You have to get up in the morning and drink it with fenugreek! It is absolutely the best and it not only has the benefits of weight loss but it also has a lot of health benefits!

(5) Aloe vera juice with water

If you want aloe vera juice then you can use fresh! Or even the aloe vera juice of the market can be mixed with hot water and put lemon in it and can be included in the morning drink to detox it!
So these were some of the option morning drinks that you can add to your morning and lose weight!

Pre Breakfast meal’s

If you are going to do a workout in the morning then you should eat it first! Before breakfast, this is some option that you have to take, in this, the first option is to soak badam, soak 5 to 6 almonds and eat it, because it has a lot of benefits!

You have to eat cashew like this, if you do not like peanuts, then you can also take banana! Can take roasted flax seed before a morning workout and eat a spoon! And you can mix and eat these nuts even before the workout! You can take these small nuts even while doing workouts!

Breakfast — (Quick weight loss diet plan)

There are 7 breakfast options here

  1. Masala Oats
  2. Papaya + a pudding or sandwich
  3. Dhokla + Chutney
  4. 2 idli + sambhar and chutney
  5. Poha / Upma
  6. Sprout licking
  7. Multigrain + Peanut Chutney

(1) Do not use masala oats with packets! Make spice oats at home using the spices of your home and you can use whatever is vegetable!

(2) Papaya + 1 cucumber or sandwich: – You have to take a slice of papaya and you can take a cucumber or any vegetable sandwich! But the bread of the sandwich is made of multigrain or wheat, do not use flour bread!

(3) Dhokla + Chutney: – Dhokla and chutney can also be taken, whether Dhokla is of gram flour or moong dal!

(4) Poha / Upma: – You can also have a cup of sugarless tea with poha or upma!

(5) Sprout Chaat: – You can also take Sprout Chaat in this! It is very tasty and healthy, you can make Sprout Chaat of chickpea or chickpeas in it!

So you can choose one of these breakfasts!

Mid-morning snacks

It is important to take it so that you do not overeat in your lunch! Because the breakfast gets between 9 and 10 and there is a lot of distance between the lunches! And that’s why people eat more lunch because of hunger!

Any seasonal fruit, coconut water, buttermilk, nuts, or seeds can be one of these things!

Lunch — (Quick weight loss diet plan)

There is not much food to eat in lunch, that is why you are being told to eat something in a little while! So that do not eat all the things at once, this is the biggest reason for weight gain!

That eats too much at the same time! Which makes it not easily digested and converted to fat! And that is why, try to include all the things in the lunch including carb, fat, protein and nutrition!

  • Multigrain Roti, Vegetables, Lentils, Salad: – Include lentils in lunch because lentils are a source of our protein source. Include dal, curd
  • Stuffed Paratha and Curd: – By making staffing of anything like cheese, vegetable, radish, cabbage, it can be taken with curd!
  • Brown Rice, Dal, Raita, Salad: – Here you can also add Red Rice instead of Brown Rice! And simple rice can also be used! Just remove it and use it!
  • Two Stuffed Besan Screaming and Salad
  • 2 Ragi Roti, Began Bharta, and Goo: – This is a great combination! In this, you can take a little bit of multigrain bread with brinjal stuffing and a good bit of it! Good to blood circulation remains correct and digests very easily!
  • Spinach cheese, rice, salad, Idli, sambar, and chutney are one of the things you can include in your lunch!

Evening Snacks

  • Makhana, Peanut or Gram
  • Dates, fruits, or nuts
  • Boyd chickpea, sweet corn
  • Peanut Chikki
  • Green Tea or Herbal Tea
  • But keep in mind that quantity has to be taken a little bit! Any one of them can choose an option!

Dinner — (Quick weight loss diet plan)

Dinner is also given for the whole week and dinner has to be finished by 7:30! After that drink a cup of milk before going to sleep!

  • Polenta or roasted papad
  • Curry rice
  • Soup and Vegetable
  • Chole and two chapattis
  • Paneer Tikka and Salad
  • Veg Casserole and Tomato Raita

You can choose any of these options! at night, it is very important to exercise taking turmeric milk at bedtime, whether you are dieting or not! And if you keep variety in food, you will not be bored in the following the diet. The diet is only good that can last for a long time!

And for those you enjoy following, definitely try something new! It is important to have fat in your diet too! But if you have good fat, then use good fat while cooking! Such as desi ghee, mustard oil, or coconut oil, but take care, not to over quantity!

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