The history of football and rules of playing football

The history of football

Football in India started in Bengal! Football in India was identified by the British, which was played by the British Regiment from the Purpose of Entertainment!

Played in Kolkata around the 1870s! And in 1872, the Kolkata Firm Club was formed, and shortly after in 1877, the Dalhousie Club was formed! By 1890, Sona Bahar, Mohanbagan, and Aryans Clubs were formed.

In 1893, the India Football Association got a stay basement to rule and regulate Indian football! But to say that it was the Indian Football Association but in its early days all the members used to be foreigners! But since the formation of the Indian Football Association in 1937, the selection of Indian members started in it!

In India, native Bengali people unable to play football were not included in the early days! Because in the British view, it was considered as more fiction than the Indian race! And on the one hand, the football team was not being included in the football team by the British Society in Bengal!

The Kolkata Football Association was established in 1898, out of which one important club, Mohenbhavan Football Club, was freed in 1889! This club later became an Indian symbol by the Bengali!

Establishment of the football league

The Football League was established in 1898 and in the 20th century, football was not just a medium for copying the British! Rather the football ground had become an ideal playground to fight this honor! Ideal Football Association was established in 1937! But it took 11 years to join FIFA and join FIFA in 1948! Football was spreading very fast in 1948, encouraged the Indian team in the World Cup held in Brazil in 1950! Had drawn his name with the World Cup! But the Indian team could not participate due to some regions!

Between 1951 and 1962, the Indian team was considered an Era. In 1951, the Indian team won by defeating the first Asian Golden Medal Thom! Then in 1956, Melgan reached the Olympics and won the Over All position, she was the first Asian team to do so! The Indian team was playing very well at that time, but in today’s time, the ranking of the Indian team should be seen! So she lives around 100!

The Asian team won the gold medal again by the Indian team in 1952! The Indian football team never qualified for the Olympics after 1960! The Indian team won the Asian Cup Branch Medal in the last 1870! In which they defeated Japan by 1.0 then the quality of Indian football team kept falling in the 1970s, 80,90s!

Could not qualify for any major even further! If we talk about the present time, the Indian team won the Nehru Cup in 2007! In 2011, the Asian Cup Indian team qualified after 24 years! And if you talk about the recent situation then it has got to look a bit different! Ever since the Asian performance has taken place, the quality of the football team has improved!

Rules of football

Football is played in a very large stadium. Basic football consists of two teams! If the child is moving in the playing area, then if the ball goes out, then there are some different things!

If it goes outside the goal line or outside the sideline then a different thing happens! The clock which is made like a clock is called a running clock. If there is an injury or if the ball goes out, time will continue!

The game is 90 minutes and the two halves are 45 minutes! 11–11 players belong to both teams! There are three sabbats aloud if a player went out of the game or someone else came in place, after that the player who went out cannot come in!

Injury time is added to the last of the game. Any time wasted from 1 to 8 is added! There are four referees in football, the side area is made up of the side! Where the Substitute Players sit

Goalkeeper  –  The history of football

The Round Keeper wears a different type of uniform, he has some different power! He can touch the ball, no other player can touch the ball! The rest of the players can play with head, chest, or foot! The start of the game is the players of the A-team on one side and the players of the B team on the other side!

A team player will be in the running clock and then kick the ball! Then any player can go anywhere on the field A team has to put a ball in the object! D can use hands in the area, goalkeepers cannot use hands outside of it!

During the game there is a scene like all the players will be in the field and the ball is near who is the strike! Mostly D will stay in the area to score goals and the midfielders cover a lot of areas! Because they also have to defend and carry the ball forward!

Formation  –  The history of football

Here four defenders, four midfielders, and four strikers, this is the most typical formation! Where there are two strikers, there will be four defenders to score goals and there will be four in the middle too!

How is the round  –  The history of football

How can you score a goal, you can put it in the goal with the foot in the goal! Which will be rounded, because if the goal is to cover a lot of areas, then you can use your hands! The goal will be considered only when the ball goes completely inside the goal, if the ball goes outside the sideline, then it is thrown in!

If the ball goes outside the goal line it will be called a goal kick! But if the ball goes outside the goal line by putting your player, then there will be no goal kick, then there will be a corner kick, the opposition team will kick the ball by placing it on the corner! And will try to score a header!

Fouls  –  The history of football

Football when the front team tries to pick up the ball is called tackle! If the football is put on the foot while doing the tackle, it is fine, but if the foot is on the foot while doing the tackle, it is a foul! And player 3 will get a yellow card and if the same player trolled again which was not on the ball! If you foul him again, number 3 gets another yellow card meaning a red card! Meaning now this team will play with less player and if the tackle is very bad then the referee gives direct red card!

Due to which this player is out of the game and on tackle football, he will be considered a good tackle! It will not be considered a foul. Every foul is not given a card. If there is a normal foul, then in this case a free kick is given! If there is a foul anywhere in the area other than the foul d, then there is a foul on the ball where the ball will be placed there! And the front team will be given a free-kick! This is very dangerous because if they get a chance to kick the goal, then they can directly score the goal!

Penalty kick

If the same happens in D through the foul area, then a penalty kick is given! If there is a foul inside the D, then there will be a penalty kick as the foul is bad then the player will get the card as well as the other team will only have a goalkeeper in the penalty kick and the player will get a chance to score a direct goal!


In football, if the referee is on the top side, there is a referee who does that up the flag! He is an off-side. Off-side is when your player is behind his last defense while passing the ball, he is offside! Then the game will not be considered or the ball is given to the other team because the player of A team who is ahead of the last defense of B team will be offside!

Football is a 90-minute game and if the score is a tie after 90 minutes then 30 minutes are given extra! And if there is a tie after that, then the penalty suit is out! Where a penalty kick is given followed by a 5 chance! And even after that, if the score remains equal then one chance is given! The history of football

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