What causes of chest pain, chest pain symptoms, and treatment

What Causes of chest pain

If any person has a heart attack or is having any problem related to the heart, then first there is pain in the chest. Not only heart attack is related to the heart, but there are many other diseases in the heart as well. For example, pouchitis or a perforation around the heart or inflammatory bronchitis means inflammation of the chest muscles and an important disease called aortic dysphasia.

That is if there is a problem in the membrane or muscles of the main air that comes out of the main heart. So there is a lot of pain in the chest, but apart from the heart, there are many reasons for chest pain. Like there is any problem related to stomach or related to liver like there is acid in the stomach which is called acidity or gas. It also causes pain in the chest, if there is a stone in the gallbladder, it also causes pain in the chest.

Diaphragmatic hernia also causes pain, that is, the membrane between the stomach and the lungs. If there is some tension in it or if it bursts, then many times it comes near the lungs. Due to which there is pain in the chest. Gastrorisophlec is a disease, it is a very big condition. In which acid rises up and there is pain in the chest due to esopharyces in the food pipe.

There is any strain or tension in the muscles or bones, any injury causes pain in the chest. If there is an infection in the lungs, pneumonia, inflammation of the membranes of the lungs, or asthma or bronchitis, then these reasons also cause chest pain.

chest pain recognition

Heart pain or lung pain or muscle pain is very severe and deep. Mostly occurs on the left side, its point is not there in one place, the pain of the heart can be in the arms, in the neck, and also in the jaws. But most of the heart pain will never go from front to back if going from front to back. So it is not heart pain, most of the muscle pain is completely different, the pain will increase after taking a long breath or doing any moment. Nervousness, sweating, vomiting will not happen.

If it is happening due to stones in the stomach or gall bladder or coming from the liver. So do not wait at home, go to the doctor because it is not easy to kill so much. Whether there is heart pain or lung pain, it is better if the doctor takes the decision.


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chest pain test

Most Common Test ECG This test tells a lot about the heart. If you do not clear from this test, then there is another test which is called eco. That is an ultrasound of the heart, it is called echo cardiographic. It also shows whether the heart is working properly or not.

The rest of the common test is a blood test, which shows whether there is a heart attack or not, X-rays can be done to detect diseases related to lungs. If it is from the abdomen, then by doing abdominal ultrasound, the heart, liver, and kidney can be detected.

chest pain treatment

If there is a problem of heart attack then there are many medicines for it like – Nitroglycerin, Sorbitrate, Aspirin (blood thinner)

If there is no heart-related problem then there are many medicines for the stomach. Which reduces the acid. If there is a stone in the gallt pain b bladder, then the operation may have to be done for that. So there are many treatments.

chest pain in children

If children have chest pain, there is very little chance that it is due to the heart. Mostly it is due to muscle pain or can also be due to stomach. There are some diseases that occur in childhood such as a hole in the heart, myocardial artist which affects children.

Things to keep in mind for chest pain

Do not worry, do yoga, do any kind of exercise for at least 40 to 50 minutes. Due to this, both the lungs and heart will be strong, do not take more chili spices, ghee oil in food. Cold drinks, tea, coffee all form acid and cause gastro reflux disease.

Due to which there is pain in the chest, eat fiber, salad, raw vegetables, fruits. Do stretching before heavy exercise so that there is no muscular injury and lifting a little weight daily, all these exercises keep the muscles strong.

How to keep heart health

Obesity is the root of many diseases, first find out how your weight is according to your height. Accordingly, keep an eye on it regularly, it will be of great benefit and the heart will be healthy.

Exercise and do yoga

Daily exercise and exercise are also important for heart health. That is why do exercise and yoga every day, choose any one physical activity. Do it daily like – swimming, walking or cycling choose one and do it daily.

Smoking alcohol

Quit smoking alcohol and other intoxicants, it causes great harm to the body and heart. Try to leave these habits slowly, this will make the heart weak and the activity will end very soon.

Be stress-free

Try to reduce stress from your work and personal life. Too much stress can lead to many heart diseases, stay stress-free to avoid these diseases. A large amount of fat is found in junk food and French food.

Due to all these foods stored in our body, many heart diseases can occur. Laughing and smiling more and more Research has shown that if you keep laughing for 15 minutes a day, then the blood flow in the body increases by 22%. Due to which the heart will always be healthy.


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