What is causes gastritis: symptoms, and home remedies

What is causes gastritis:  gastritis causes, symptoms, and home remedies

Gastritis means inflammation inside the stomach, it is inside the food bag, which is the layer of muscles in it. In it, more acid is formed, due to the formation of more acid, inflammation is formed in the upper layer. The acid formation is the main cause of gastritis. In gastritis, the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed and this inflammation comes on many times. And in many cases it develops slowly, it is called chronic gastritis.

In this, there is an infection of H Pylaria. Pylaria is a bacteria that spreads from person to person. It spreads through food, it spreads through saliva, due to which acidity is formed. And if it persists for a long time, the chances of ulcer formation remain. If someone has gastritis for a long time, then there is a high chance that it is an infection of Pylaria itself.

This includes food items, as eating something that makes more acid is another reason for the formation of acid. Medicines are medicines which are pain medicines such as Paracetamol, Sprin, apart from all the cancer medicines which are antibiotics.

All these medicines make an acid, fried roast in which it remains spicy. Like meat, chicken has more oil and spices. There are also fatty things like coffee, tea, and such stress which creates more stress on the brain. Stress creates more of a hormone called cortisol, which leads to acid formation. People who are more awake are more likely to get gastritis in the stomach, alcohol is a cause of reflux gastritis.

Scientific causes of gastritis

If this problem is there for a long time then in a hiatal hernia the stomach pushes a part of the stomach upwards. Due to which there is a burning sensation in the chest, abdominal pain, difficulty in swallowing, frequent belching, and the problem of gastritis starts in the stomach.

Symptoms of gastritis

In gastritis, there will be a pain, burning sensation above the stomach, apart from this it will feel as if the gas is full, there will be belching, indigestion, digestion. Then after a few days, there is loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, hiccups and after a few days, weight loss starts. These are all symptoms of gastritis.

Gastritis test

A blood test is done especially to check for gastritis. HB to see if there is a lack of blood, if there is inflammation in the upper layer of the stomach, ulcers are formed. So blood starts coming from the mouth, blood can come in the stool which is bacteria of H Pylaria.

A chest X-ray is needed to see it. So that is also seen and upper gastritis is tested for endoscopy. And sometimes the bacteria of H Pylaria are also seen because gastritis cannot be cured without killing this bacteria.

Foods that reduce gastritis

First of all, take probiotics, due to which good bacteria increase. And due to its increase, the bacteria of H pylori decreases, besides the patient should take more fiber. And salads, green leafy vegetables, and grains must be included in your diet.

Apart from this, green tea, licorice i.e. licorice, garlic, ginger, fennel, turmeric, coconut water, broccoli all these things reduce gastritis. All these foods must be included in your diet. But the patient should keep in mind that all these foods should not be increased too much.

The patient should include it in his diet on a regular basis, apart from this, the patient should make a habit of breakfast daily. Because gastritis gets aggravated even with an empty stomach, so do not stay empty stomach for a long time. That is why divide the patient into three big meals and divide it within six mills. Due to this, the patient’s stomach will not be too full and gastritis pressure will not remain.

Lifestyle changes and some advice in gastritis

First of all, the patient should drink five liters of water throughout the day. This reduces gastritis, apart from this exercise daily because the gastritis acidity which is good by exercising remains good. Apart from this, reduce the patient’s stress because whether the stress is physical or mental stress.

Both these stress increase the acid in the stomach, apart from this, stop smoking, alcohol, carbonated drinks. Because acid increases with them, try to get 7 hours of sleep every day. Take a pain killer only after consulting a doctor and try not to keep the stomach empty by eating something every 4 hours because gastritis increases even with an empty stomach.

What not to eat in gastritis

This includes tea, coffee, spicy foods, fry, and fatty foods, besides bread, pasta, pickles, jams. Apart from this, the patient should not eat acetic foods in which lemon, orange, fruit juice, sour buttermilk, or sour curd should not be taken. Apart from this, acid is also increased in many patients due to milk or acid products made from milk.

Gastritis treatment

Gastritis such as gastritis has occurred due to the production of excess acid and it has to be reduced. To reduce this reason, you have to take less fatty foods. Like those that contain more salt, avoid alcohol, do not smoke, H Pylaria bacteria have to be removed and stress is to be reduced.



How to reduce acid

PPI It is the strongest and best medicine for that Penta Prozol and Sno Prozol it reduces the secretion of acid.

Home remedies for gastritis

Fennel should be eaten every day after eating food, the carbonate in fennel prevents gas formation in the stomach. Due to which the problem of acidity is reduced and sour belching stops.

Banana beneficial in gastritis – What is causes gastritis

Banana has two functions, in which energy is found in rich sources.
It neutralizes acidity, so definitely eat bananas.

Basil leaves for gastritis – What is causes gastritis

Boil eight-ten leaves of basil in water and then drink it lukewarm. This will help a lot in acidity.

Cinnamon in gastritis – What is causes gastritis

Taking a spoonful of cinnamon powder with water also provides relief in gastritis.

Fresh buttermilk is beneficial – What is causes gastritis

Mix a little black pepper and mint powder in buttermilk and drink it, it is also beneficial in gastritis.

Asafoetida and clove for gastritis – What is causes gastritis

Using asafoetida or clove in vegetables is beneficial in gastritis. Because both asafoetida and clove are carbonated, due to which gas does not form and it gives relief in gastritis.

Roasted cumin – What is causes gastritis

Grinding roasted cumin seeds and taking them with a spoonful of water or buttermilk will give relief in acidity. But keep in mind that the buttermilk should not be too sour.

Ginger and honey in gastritis

Taking half a teaspoon of ginger juice and a teaspoon of honey mixed with a glass of water provides relief in gastritis.

coconut water for gastritis

Gastritis will get relief if you drink cold milk or coconut water.

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